Thanks for stopping by! If you are here, you probably know why you have landed on this page. If not, I will elaborate a bit to inform you of what you have stumbled upon. My name is Jeff. I grew up an avid musician and artist. My entire life I have dreamed of working in at least one of these areas. After nearly a decade of college and working in neuroscience research, I moved to Atlanta, GA near the end of summer, 2014. I had managed to completely change careers and jump into the live music scene here. Since then, I have worked to establish myself as a local performing, solo musician. In 2016, I had performed nearly 150 gigs around Atlanta and the surrounding areas. I know some guys that play twice as many gigs as I do and some even do it six or seven days a week. On the other hand, some guys have a family and a day job. For me, I had almost two-thirds of each year remaining as ‘free time’ last year.  I took this time as an opportunity to invest in a semi-professional camera, Nikon D7000 dslr body, and decided to learn the basics of photography and videography. Little did I know I would become obsessed!

This page you have successfully landed on is designed to be the landing page for JLW Studios, an idea I have been creating to showcase my work and your product. No, I don’t have a studio yet, but I’m hoping that comes along in time and working with each of you. The page branches off into three areas of what I consider are my expertise. These three areas represent the three major parts to my dream. The cool thing about this concept is that by helping you build your dream or idea, I build mine. It’s a beautiful, mutualistic relationship! Feel free to explore and don’t hesitate to contact me if interested in booking solo entertainment or with any questions about photography or audio/ video that might be related to your project.